Cloud Services

Migration, Cloud Backup, Cost Optimization, DevOps

Cloud migration is the movement of data, applications and services from an on-premises site to a cloud computing environment. Cloud migration also includes “cloud to cloud” migration, where the workload is moved from one cloud to another, and “cloudless migration”, also known as declouding, where the workload is moved from the cloud back to the on-premises data center.

There are 6 main migration strategies commonly adopted by a wide range of companies during an AWS migration.

After identifying lift-and-shift systems, transferring workloads from the legacy environment to the constructed AWS cloud deployment, maintained for the selected migration strategy with minimal downtime without any interference with ongoing operations.

Cloud applications are deployed, updated, and tested to use the elastic infrastructure services of the AWS cloud platform, creating a complete agile and scalable working system to meet growing business demands.

An on-demand cloud infrastructure endowed with scalable computing power to consistently meet service-level agreements, with reliability and multi-tenacity in compliance with every operational process, built on cutting-edge AWS cloud technologies.